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Dumb Criminals

CrimeLesson – Dumb Criminals

This B2 lesson focuses on a wide range of lexical items on the topic of crime while introducing learners to the usage of the past perfect tense in the context of short news articles.  This is a fun and engaging lesson which should encourage spoken interaction as learners predict the crimes from images and headlines and then go on to have group discussions on the topic before working on a collaborative written task.

Teachers’ Notes – Dumb Criminals

 Dans le Noir

Dating Lesson – Dans le Noir

In this B2 lesson students will discuss dating and look at some unique first date venues. Students will watch a scene from the film ‘About Time’ where a couple meet in the Dans le Noir restaurant. The aim of this lesson is to build vocabulary for describing appearance and feelings and to practise asking and answering typical questions used when you meet someone for the first time.

Teachers’ Notes – Dans le Noir

Make a Wish!

make a wish_117085801Lesson – Make a Wish!

In this lesson, students review the structures for using the verb ‘wish’ to talk about wishes and regrets along with meeting new adjective & prepositions such as ‘motivated by, ashamed of, hopeless at‘.  Students watch a short silent film called ‘The Wishgranter‘ and with their partners predict and tell the story before making their own three wishes with their group.

Teachers Notes – Make a Wish

Stress Management

stress 3_195546320Lesson – Stress Management

In this lesson, students discuss ways of managing stress and then work in groups to rank stress management techniques in order of importance.  Students then read and summarize a technique for their partners and deduce meaning of unknown vocabulary together to recycle later in a follow up paired writing task.

Teachers Notes – Stress Management

What is Love?

valentine's day Lesson – Love is..

In this lesson, students watch a YouTube clip and listen to children describing ‘love’ as they take notes to compare with their partners, before discussing the concept of a ‘street challenge’ where passers-by press a mysterious button in the street. The language focus is practicing usage of verbs + infinitives as groups design their own ‘street challenge’ and present to the class.

Teachers’ Notes – Love is…

The 3 Habits of Happiness

Robin sharmaLesson – The 3 Habits of Happiness

To build learners fluency in everyday conversation.  Learners will watch/listen to a YouTube video based on Robin Sharma’s ‘3 Habits of Happiness’, summarise and report back to their partners.  Learners will then focus on word stress of the vocabulary met in the listening task.

Teachers’ Notes – 3 Habits of Happiness


Cyber Bullying

Cyber BullyingLesson – Cyber Bullying

This aim of this lesson is to introduce students to a range of vocabulary on the topic of bullying while increasing awareness on the dangers and affects of cyber-bullying.  Students will watch a YouTube clip on ‘The Cyber-Bullying Virus’ and in groups, discuss and answer questions.  Afterwards, students will work together to create an ‘Anti-Bullying’ policy for their school and present to their classmates.

 Teachers’ Notes – Cyber Bullying

 Digital Tattoos

Tattoo woman_166021529 Lesson – Digital tattoos

In this lesson students will watch a TED talk about digital tattoos and face recognition software. Students will have the opportunity to practise micro-writing skills, listening for gist and debating.

Digital tattoos –Teachers’ Notes

 Overused Words – ‘Awesome’


Lesson – The word ‘Awesome’ 

In this B2 lesson, students will watch a TEDtalk on the overuse of ‘awesome’ and then discuss the TEDtalk and expand their vocabulary by replacing commonly overused words.

The word ‘Awesome’ – Teachers’ Notes


 What Music are you into?

The Coronas 2Lesson – Modern Irish Music

In this B2 lesson, students are introduced to modern Irish bands, The Coronas and O.R.B (Original Rude Boys). Focus is on commonly used collocations in the context of two short articles on these bands.  Students then watch a music video without sound to predict and discuss the storyline with their partners, before listening to the song and analysing the lyrics.

Teachers’ Notes – Modern Irish Music

 P.S I Love You

Gerry and HollyLesson – P.S I Love You

In this B2 lesson, students are introduced to new lexis to describe movies. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to discuss movies using this new vocabulary and will have practiced their listening and reading skills through watching a YouTube clip and reading a letter. In groups, students will then write a plot for a rom-com!

Teachers’ Notes – P.S I Love You

Halloween- The Story of Annabelle the Doll

Conjuring500pxLesson- Halloween

In this lesson, students discuss horror films and read and listen to a horror story which has been turned into the film ‘Annabelle’ – out in the cinema at the moment. Students then focus on the use of adjectives in fictional writing and work in groups to create a ghost story.

Teachers Notes – Halloween


 Eco Tourism

Eco TourismLesson – Green Holidays

This B2 lesson introduces students to the topic of Eco Tourism as they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in their own countries.  Students then predict and discuss Eco Tourism Guidelines.  There’s a reading on ‘Eco Tourism in Ireland’ and students have to piece together a text jigsaw focusing on lexical items on topic. Groups work together on a webquest based on eco holiday destinations in Ireland, presenting their findings to their classmates, convincing the class to choose their eco-trip.

Teachers’ Notes – Green Holidays

What other B2 lessons would you like to see here? Let us know and we’ll get working on them!

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