Educational Administration And Management
Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important role in enhancing the quality of education. Administration and management applications of ICT are currently popular in schools due to its capabilities in facilitating administration activities from data storage to knowledge management and decision making.


ICT makes dynamic changes in society. It is influencing all aspects of life. The influences are felt more and more at schools. Because ICT provides both students and teachers with more opportunities in adapting learning, teaching and managing the individual needs, society is forcing schools to aptly respond to this innovation. It provides newer and more effective ways of mitigating some of the challenges being faced by the educational system of the country. These technologies distinguish themselves by their rapid evolution and revolution, continuously changing the modes of engagement with them. A decade long infusion of computers, and more recently ICT, has demonstrated varying impacts on learning. In the current information age, educational institutions are expected to play a crucial role as the engine for knowledge generation and learning environment. In this regard ICT becomes the vital means to facilitate this task. ICT has become an essential part of our everyday life, accordingly this integration in school improvement is not only for the purpose of teaching and learning, but also for educational management use, it has become one of the most effective factors in the school improvement.ICT plays a vital role in improving the functional effectiveness of school system. In this unit we will be discussing about how ICT can help the school administrators improve various administrative tasks of schools.


After studying this Unit, you will be able to
• give an overview of applications of ICT for school administration and management
• describe the role of ICT in school record keeping and its maintenance
• use various technologies for record keeping and scheduling
• use technology effectively for communicating with parents
• explain the role and functions of school management systems
• list the different types of assistive technology
• explain the role of assistive technology in inclusive education
• explore the application of UDL approach in class room
• use variety of digital assistive technologies in the class room
• explain how to plan, manage and implement appropriate ICT infrastructure
• develop a technology plan for a school 

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