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My Daily Routine

A1 LessonsLesson – My Daily Routine

This activity is great for your kinesthetic learners as students use their imaginations to act out the text to each other in small groups as a second student dictates the story to a third student who has been assigned as ‘writer’.  Focus in this lesson is on listening, writing and spoken interaction skills.

Teachers’ Notes – My Daily Routine

Asking Questions

cover shot 2Lesson – Asking Questions

In this lesson, students listen to 4 personal profiles, taking notes and comparing with their partners.  Afterwards students write their partner’s personal profile using present simple and then in pairs, focus on question formation in this highly communicative task.

Teachers Notes – Asking Questions



Lesson – Animals

In this lesson students read and understand facts about animals using the present simple. Students have the opportunity to practise using ‘can/can’t’ and common verbs to create their own facts about themselves.

Teachers’ Notes – Animals

Have you ever?

parachute_136866725 Lesson- Have you ever

In this lesson students talk about their past experiences and things they want to do before they die. This lesson is suitable for A1+ students and introduces the present perfect using a communicative approach.

Teacher’s Notes – Have you ever

Life in My Country

A1 Lessons

Lesson – Life in My Country

Students are introduced to adjectives and adverbs to help them describe their cities and countries.  Focus in this lesson is on using the target language through communicative pair/group work.

Teachers’ Notes – Life in My Country

 Irish Students Can’t Cook!

A1 lessonsLesson – Irish Students Can’t Cook

Students practice their reading and speaking skills in this light-hearted text focusing on ‘can’ for ability. Students then answer questions in pairs based on the text and afterwards, work in small groups to match questions and answers.  Later, students write their own sentences using ‘can’ and together, write relevant questions to match their sentences.

Teachers’ Notes – Irish Students Can’t Cook

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