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How to Manage Time!

timemanagement_94257154Lesson – How to Manage Time!

Students discuss ways to manage time effectively before watching a YouTube clip in which they listen to the 10 steps in detail and paraphrase for their classmates.  Students also meet verbs and prepositions in the context of employee situations on which they need to offer advice, recycling the vocabulary and focusing on oral fluency throughout.

Teachers’ Notes – How to Manage Time! 

Feel the Fear!

Fear of heights_152017493Lesson – Feel the Fear

This C1 lesson introduces students to  terms for our most common phobias!  Acrophobia, Agoraphobia, Glossophobia, to name a few.  Students practise their spoken interaction while discussing their own fears in groups. Students also read, summarise and paraphrase a short text for their partners.  After watching a YouTube clip of a well-known US TV show, FEAR FACTOR, students work on a group task to design their own FEAR FACTOR task and present to their classmates.

Teachers’ Notes – Feel the Fear

 Are we there yet?

Girl Joke_53190046Lesson – Are We There Yet

In this C1 lesson, students explore the answers to commonly asked questions by children such as ‘Why is the sky blue?’. Students will also discuss the importance of questions in a child’s development and children’s behaviour in regards to social norms. A highly engaging and communicative lesson.

Teachers’ Notes – Are We There Yet


Fancy a Game?

Lesson – Hurling_174444788 Irish Sports (Hurling)

This C1 lesson introduces students to one of the main Irish GAA sports, Hurling!  Students focus on new lexical items which they will meet while reading an article on Ireland’s increased level of emigration and how an players are joining GAA clubs in countries such as Australia and New Zealand and building communities through their sports network. A communicative and interactive lesson including two YouTube clips.

Teachers’ Notes – Irish Sports (Hurling)


PantiLesson – Pantigate

After a speech by a famous drag queen in Ireland, about homophobia went viral; there has been world-wide debate on this topic. This lesson explores the topic of discrimination and gives students the opportunity to watch and discuss the famous speech.

Teachers’ Notes – Pantigate


 What other C1 lessons would you like to see here?  Let us know and we’ll get working on them!! 

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