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GOD’S WILL- Bethany was born in God’s time. Leave alone high schools, secondary highs and colleges. I have never planned and never saw in my wildest dream that I will be having even a small school. In the late sixties, there was a spiritual revival among the Christians. New birth was preached and people were born again. I also accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my own personal savior in the year 1963 at Alipore Christian hospital. Now what a strange and wonderful coincident it is that the present Medical Superintendent of the hospital is Dr. Azin Maringmei, who was a student-cum-boarder of Bethany of the “70s!!.



Our Mission

To develop world-class institutions for the holistic development of individuals involving Academic excellence, professional competence, human values, and societal skills to empower them to become leaders capable of facing future challenges and guiding the society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning. All our students will achieve personal success in their learning and become responsible and productive citizens.Shree Nandi Education Society is open for every child who wants to achieve something exceptional in their life.

Our Objective

It is our aim to provide best features in study in the Vijaypur District and want to harness leadership potential in students and provide a platform for the same. We also want to Engage highly experienced and educated teachers to develop their skills.

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